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The most flexible and most capable machines on the market.

RoboCrib® Industrial Vending

LX2000 - 2574 SKUs Highest capacity in the industry!

VX1000 - 1048 SKUs More capacity in the same space.

VX500 - 628 SKUs Right-sized for most location needs.

RoboCrib® TX750

A breakthrough in industrial vending technology. Configures on-the-fly!

AutoLocker® FX

Rack-mounted automated lockers and drawers. Power and LAN optional!


For large items, spare parts, calibrated gages, and more. Power and LAN optional!


Glove and PPE vending machine, perfect for high-use items. No repackaging!


An automated tool cabinet that uses vision. No RFID tags required!


Rapid dispensing of tools and supplies items in a modified honor format.

Touch ToolRoom

Automate the issue and return process in your tool crib.

AutoCrib® Software

Client/Server or cloud-based inventory management software.

Intelliport® Lite

Serious RFID control at an economical price. Adapts to any size tool crib!


RFID portal automatically scans and tracks inventory in a tool crib or stores area.

AutoCrib® VLM

VLM (Vertical Lift Module) the automated small parts storage system.

AutoCrib® RDS

The most advanced helix-coil industrial vending machine for cutting tools.


Dispense bench stock and fasteners.


Real-time wireless scanner. Gives tool crib attendants maximum mobility.


Batch scanner. Gives tool crib attendants maximum mobility.

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